[Xkiwi] Adamantium Kiwis

This alliance has now become redundant but feel free to use the info and resources on here as you please.

Watch THIS to see a glimpse of what xkiwis was and may be again someday.

Adamantium Kiwis is a Marvel Contest of Champions alliance comprised of players who want to take their game play to the next level without sacrificing their real lives. We take the alliance events and quests seriously, and we strive to reach the top-level rewards in all events. However, we also understand that people have school, jobs, and families and can’t dedicate hours and hours to grinding.

If this sounds like the type of Contest of Champions alliance you are looking for, please read below for our rules and ongoing requirements!


  • Leader:
  • Founders: LegionDestroyer, TigerWhiskers
  • Current Officers: 

Who Should Join [Xkiwi]?

  • People who already have a good number of 4*s at 4/40 and are getting some 4* champs to 5/50 or 5*s to r4 (this means you can adequately compete in aw of our levels and do some aq simultaneously).
  • People who participate in aq/aw a minimum of twice daily under normal circumstances (we take into account that people sometimes have unexpectedly busy times – but communicate this to us whenever possible).
  • People who enjoy playing Contest of Champions and are looking for an alliance with a sense of community and a lot of good-natured laughs.
  • People who are mature, respectful of others, helpful and dependable
  • New Zealanders and those that love New Zealand, and anyone else that is included in the above list.

What Is Required of Members?

  • Read alliance description and Line App Notice board to find out today’s goals (Line App is mandatory).
  • You must have an overall rating of 200,000 or more, have a good stable of 4/40 4* and be getting 4* to r5
  • Be active (e.g. at least twice daily) and join in on most alliance quests and wars until the end per week (Grinding out arena and solo quests without helping your bg when they need you is not cool)
  • Enter teams into alliance quests and war that are appropriate for your level
  • Participate in AQ and AW throughout the entire event by reading chat, communicating, removing linking nodes and never engaging in boosted nodes. Also helping with energy if you are KO’d goes a long way
  • Carry your weight in alliance events (particularly the three-day Completion event and the one-day Duel Skirmish event)
  • All gold and battle chip rewards from AQ donated back to treasury for next map 4/5 run as well loyalty when required – officers will let you know when.

Failure to do the above will result in you being asked why not, and then kicked if no appropriate explanation is given or doing it again.

  • We DO NOT require grinding in arenas. Arenas are important only to the extent they are the easiest source of gold for ranking up your champs and contributing your weekly dues
  • We also DO NOT pressure members into spending money on the game. Some choose to, but most do not. Our alliance performs at or above the level of other alliances that spend significantly more money on the game.

What Does [Xkiwi] Offer?

  • A focus on Alliance Quest/War strategy and performance — we routinely do Map 5 and occasionally map 3-4 when we are not in the middle of AW and in advanced AQ tier
  • Our own YouTube channel for showcasing skills and fights: Adamantium Kiwis
  • Weekly alpha catalysts and 4-5* shards from alliance events
  • We always rank well in Summoner Advancement, netting a good chunk of 5* and 4* shards each week!
  • We generally hit most milestones on one-day events
  • A low-stress, supportive community of people with real lives too
  • Advice for success in 3*, 4* and catalyst arenas found here
  • Advice based on experience for the best mastery builds (much more here)
  • Rank-up suggestions
  • Those that show great form, participation, maturity and respect will have the opportunity to become an officer.